February 27, 2010


Thinking too much has made me a lil bit crazy, mad and fool (again,again & again)... Can't help myself. You drive me crazy. and i don't wanna be like this. not anymore. Spending days and nites just to thinking about our "undone busniness"... too much question marks on my head. INSANE! It must have been LOVE, but it's OVER now!

Enough is enough. and i've made a very hard yet the best choices that i can. Although (still) it's like my mind (finally) knows what's right, but my heart is being retarded and still cares.
Agree or not. it's my decision... It must be much easier and comfortable if we are just FRIEND. just a FRIEND. i have no hard feeling about this... Really. It's just me who can't survive in the relationship like this.

My fav quote that really inspiring me is " If you cannot save the relationship, at least save your pride"... INDEED TRUE!
Although when you are gone, i will feel like a BIG PART of me has disappeared. But it's time to let YOU go on ur own way. so do I. Don't you ever heard that a REAL relationship happen when we are ready to be apart together?

Finally, all i have to do are to FORGIVE and FORGET. And FORGET to feel again.
And i'm welcoming you to my LIFE and my heart as my "FRIEND"
We'll be best friend. It's more than enough. Nobody will hurt.

The (half) heartbroken girl...

February 05, 2010

72 hours TRIP to Lagoon

WEEKEND is here! Going to Lagoon with lovely nieces and nephew. It will be FUN! Have to meet up some friends, meet Mr. Y for a little business talk (wish me LUCK )!
A-lister of places to go are : Ireland potato, Ajisen Ramen, Tutti Fruity, Kim Gary, Secret Recipe !
Don't care if thats all will make me fatter (for sure)! HAHA! Have been craving for 5 months... ckckck...
Got to go now... Will update with some photos later...
Bubayyyy... =)
Have a great weekend!


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