April 27, 2011

Cut straight to the HEART

Holla! i'm quite free these few days! And, i would like to share some tweets that have been posted by people i followed in twitter. i just found out that i captured their tweets and keep them in my picture album. Guess i was so impressed by their tweets. Hehe..
Few of them are such a motivator (for me)... and i really like their tweets. Most of their tweets were so meaningful and damn so true.

It's so true! Love can sometimes just be an illusion! a big illusion... T__T. And absolutely love waits for the right moment. i believe it!

Love doesn't need to be perfect. just needs to be true. and need us to show it... to prove it!

REGRET is way worse than rejection.

The worst thing a guy can do to a girl is make her feel like she has a chance, when clearly, she doesn't. But after all, she will keep falling deeper deeper and deeper for this jerk. *sigh

I just read about this last night... And i remember one quote i ever read : It's alright to lose your pride over something you love. But never lose something you love over your pride! Most of the time we're just too "gengsi" to admit our fault, and then we let our ego to damaged all the love we had. It's so stupid!

When i was pretend that i don't care, actually it made me miss him more...

Yeap! this is my most fav! I wish i have one everytime i miss youuuuu!

Huahaha... It's my tweet! When everything you do is never good enough, STOP trying too hard! Waiting doesn't always work out. MOVING ON does!

LAST but not least, this is the funniest joke for everyone who hates MONDAY! So do I!

Till then!

♥ Pela ♥

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