May 09, 2011

Letter from Heart

I would like to take a moment to thank everyone who remembered my birthday and greeted me in advance, on time and late (it's still accepted) thru SMS, Calls, Email, BBM, Facebook or Twitter. That in some cases didn't wait until 12:01 a.m on May 8 to start sending good vibes my way. I'm not typically a huge birthday person, but those of you that have reached out to me have truly made my day.

♥ To my family who showered me with love: HYX (Really made my day with the heartfelt words), CY, CH, Tania & Hendrik, Yovin ( Waiting present from US! Yaiyyy! ), Angel & Jeff, Kris, Mopi, Elline, Jess & Aileen ( Thanks for all kind-words comments )

♥♥ Friends who greeted me in advance: Tony&Taufik ( Thanks for the late night surprise! You are the best! :D ), Olive, Bob, Dora, Piyo & Chibi ( Thanks for our earlier celebration. Love you all! )

♥♥♥ Friends who remembered my birthday and greeted me on time: Anita & Terot (These two ladies have greeted me more than once! Smoochies and hugs), Meilinda (Let's go ajeb2 together! :p ), Phiphi, Ang, Mr.Beijing, Mr.GZ ( Chimelong yukksss! ), Feri, Mimi, Valen and Tio, Fenny (Received your dino's egg aldy. And I take it as my b'day present! Thanks!), last but not least i would like to thank Ko Harry, Ronald & Pak Sony (Matur nuwun sanget! Sorry if I misspell it...)

♥♥♥♥ And surprise of the year from my partners in crime, my holy best friend, who are also the last person who greeted me at 10ish last night : Aboot&Kim (Thanks for the suprised. Yes I was surprised especially when you guys were unable to turn on the candles! LOL) and DK ( Wish you were here with us ) ~ Thanks for the cake! I ♥ YOU FULL!!!

To my officemates, colleagues & all friends that too many to mention : THANKS A LOT! Especially to those who i don't know personally but still took the time to leave me a greet. That really means so much! Thanks again for taking the time out of your web surfing time to brighten up my birthday.

I might be getting older but I am so thankful! And I feel so blessed!

♥ Pela ♥

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