December 30, 2009

End of 2009


Yaiyyy...end of the year! i've got an invitation for New Year's Eve tom night!'s a private party from my mom's family...and plan to go there with mom, xing and xiang... of course after family dinner gathering (from dad's side)... it'll be fun!!! can't wait tomorrow!!! =)))

I was not bored as i thought...since the gang were went to KL and Bali for their holiday! i still have pea! hoho...we went to groceries shop last night and had martabak gapa for supper!!! geezzzz....
This year christmas, i spend it with the gang...we had our christmas dinner at Spaggedies and doing gift exchange...after that,we went to Entrance!!! *'s quite weird. coz, i never ever like to go to that place...but,it's Christmas!* HEHE...=p

I need to list up all my resolution for new year...Hope everything going smoothly in 2010...
will update my resolution list later...
back to work!

Happy New Year 2010!!!

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