January 06, 2010

One to Ten

  1. I know GOD is very kind to me as He created me and placed me in this adorable family and friends. He created so much colour in my life and never leave me alone whenever i'm stuck in the black and grey. I love Jesus!
  2. I do appreciate everyone who comes and goes from my life. Those who filled in my heart and life. Some are still in, some have become history. Sooner or later, everyone will become a "memory".
  3. I enjoy cooking than baking.
  4. I am trying hard to please everyone while i know it's kinda impossible.
  5. I love purple and Doraemon. I really wish to have Doraemon's "kantong ajaib" so that i can take out his "Pintu Kemana Saja" and i can travel around the world just in a wink.
  6. I get bored easily with something and someone.
  7. I could hardly remember about something that happened in the past. Yes,i'm forgetful person. I only can remember to those worth to remember.
  8. I will get mad when things doesn't happen as what i've planned.
  9. I hate mosquitos to the max! They are really disturbing me during my work and my sleep.
  10. I realized when i miss someone, it's not that i really miss the PERSON, but i actually miss the moment when i was with him/her.

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