January 02, 2010

Personal EGO!

Happy New Year everyone!!!

Spend my holiday with shopping...and i'm happy...no working for three days! woke up at 10....and sleep at 9 or 10! Haha..i'm a happy PIG.
Celebrate my new year's eve with family...family gathering and fireworks at 12...went home at 3...and sleep at 3.30...and it was quite good enough! received many New year's greetings by BBM,FB and also SMS....That were from my clients, brother, sisters, friends and families...
it should made me happy enough..but why i still sad?and hate to admit it. it was because of YOU who didn't greet me...I guess it was because of your PERSONAL EGO that made you didn't texted me...as usual, u want me to greet you first,right? hey man, wake up from ur dream! Can't you try to make any effort to make me happy?

Enough is enough...i don't wanna bother reserving a space in my heart for YOU who doesn't make any effort to stay!
I will find a heart that will LOVE me at my worst and the arms that will HOLD me at my weakest... and sure,that's not YOU!
I will never ever give up. because the beginning is always the hardest... and i'll try my best to make a new start. The best thing in life is finding someone who knows all your mistake and weaknesses, and still think you are completely amazing. and the most important thing in relationship is : APOLOGIZING doesn't mean you are wrong and they're right... sometimes you just value the relationship more than YOUR personal ego!
It's so hard for you to say "I'm SORRY"...
i can't stand for it anymore...Goodbye to you THE LOVED of my life (read: JERK)..
I realizing that everyone will be "just a memory" sooner or later....

Yeap...JUST a memory of YOU!

02 Januari 2010

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