January 17, 2010

Short Trip

Dubidam dammm.... just finished booked a ticket for my short trip on this February. yes, i need to refreshing my mind, body and soul... Out from this town! Can't wait! Will meet up some friends there... oh, they don't know how much i miss them... especially my Gege Murugan!
Will spend my relax day with shopping or just stay and take a rest in the Hotel...
It's the brand new ME! and i miss my peaceful life like before i met him... Oh, yes i'm HAPPY now...
HAPPY life without you around me.... no worries!
And all i have to do now is preparing myself to welcoming the new one come and tune into my heart! Yaiyyyy...! =)))

PS: YOU are the terrible "memory" that i'll never ever forget. Thank YOU!
#now playing : HEARTBREAKERS by Ne-Yo


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