August 24, 2010

August's Pandora

Date : August 14-18
Where : Singapore

Day 1 : Arrived at 11.p.m, went to the apartment by taxi and then rushed to CineLeisure to watched " Love in Disguise ". This is the directorial debut of singer-songwriter Wang Lee Hom. It's a romantic comedy movie... Just so so. The most love-able part is when Wang Lee Hom sing "Ni Bu Zhe Dao De Shi"... Oh my gosh! He's too pretty to be true... Hehe...
Share you the video. Tadaaa :

Day 2 : Went to Bugis Junction for food hunting. Looking for Vietnamese Resto (saw its pic on my fb's fren photo) in Bugis named Madam Saigon! And thank GOD, we can found it! HAHA! Not too delicious though... Here are the photos :

Day 3 : Had my late lunch at Burger King in Vivo City! and a lil shopping in Vivo... Went to bookstore and saw LOMO cameraaa! and thinking of wanna have one... but,still dunno how to use it... maybe later...
Went to Clarke Quay for dinner at Santouka Ramen. We ordered "Pork Cheek Ramen"... Well, the pork cheeks is too salty! till i can't finished it...

Day 4 : Hello Indonesia! MERDEKA! Went to Tanjong Pagar for lunch at PastaMania... It was my first time in Tanjong Pagar. and it's busy district. But i love it... Planned to go to Science Centre, but cancelled it. So, i went to Novena Church... I love this church very much... Sat on the church for almost an hour... Dinner at The King Louis with Stephanie, Tio and his friends.
Then, rushing to Marina Bay to catch the Singapore Flyer. Coz, it will closed on 10.30.
Snap snapppppp :

Singapore Flyer

Marina Bay Sands

View from top

The reason why i love SG

Day 5 : Ready to back home... although wished to stay a lil bit longer... =(
MEDAN, i'm back to town! It's time to slave (again)!


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