August 27, 2010

Looklet of ME!

Feel sleepy since morning. I guess i'm in my biggest urge to have my 12hrs-beauty-sleep. And i'm quite free now. Have nothing to do. so,here i am. Playing looklet and trying to make a looklet of Me!
PS : Please ignore the model's face and body. Coz, it's totally different from mine! The model in the photo is TOO PERFECT! HAHA... Just keep your eyes on the style and fashion items. Put all my fave items into it!

Behind the scene :
♥ Background : Singapore Flyer
♥ Top : Mini dress & Lucky Charm necklace
♥ Accessories : Vintage Ring, Pearl earrings and Bracelet
♥ Bag : Shoulderbag
♥ Shoes : Wedges
♥ Extras : Cutie Headband
♥ Effect : Sidelight


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